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About leasing

Leasing is a complex of property and economic relations, arising in connection with the acquisition of the property and its subsequent delivery, in time using, for a certain payment.

Subjects of the given kind of services are the lessor and the lessee.

Lessor - natural or juridical person who, according to the leasing contract, acquires and transfers the property, specified by the lessee, in time ownership and using, to a definite period, with transition or without transition to lessee, on the expiration of this term, an ownership right on this property.

Lessee - physical or juridical person who, according to the leasing contract, receives in time ownership and using the property, on a definite period, instead of leasing payments.

The enterprises, buildings, constructions, equipment, vehicles, another movable and real estate property, which can be used for an entrepreneurial activity, can be the property, behind the exception of:

a) Things withdrawn from civil turnover or limited to circulation according to the law;

b) Farmlands;

c) Consumed things;

d) Objects of intellectual property not subject to transfer.

Leasing payments - the periodical payments performed by the lessee to the lessor.

Leasing contract - the contract, determining mutual relations between the lessor and the lessee. In the leasing contract are specified terms, conditions, order of entering of the leasing payments and other installments, the rights and obligations of the parties.

Advantages of leasing:

  • Acquisition of cars and other goods in leasing is the possibility of renovation of automobile and technological park of the enterprise, but with costs much smaller, than at direct purchasing.
  • Interest rate, the expenses on insurance and management of the leasing agreement are registered on costs, the taxable annual earnings thus decrease.
  • The flexibility, offered by leasing, offers fast and easy property acquisition according to the client's activity and requirements.

For juridical persons:

  • Renovation the auto fleet without derivation of considerable financial resources. Concentration on profitable activity.
  • Full range of the transaction services. At contract formation of leasing the enterprise has possibility to receive all range of services on state registration, coordination the terms of delivery, customs clearance, insurance, documentary registration etc.
  • Optimization of financial reports. When receiving the property on balance, indicators of liquidity of the balance sheet improves and it remains the possibility of additional borrowings and credits reception.
  • Convenience. Leasing is very convenient method of financing, as leasing payments are known for all period of action of the leasing contract. Also leasing resolves the questions of acquisition and financing of assets simultaneously.
  • Flexibility. The offered system of financing promotes fast and simple acquisition of the goods favorable for activity and requirements of the client.
  • Simple procedure of registration. To conclude the leasing contract is very simply: provisional solution is accepted under the request; packet of documents is minimum and doesn't demand notarial authentication. Fast terms of consideration of the request. Simultaneously leasing solves a number of tasks comparing to the other variants of acquisitions: insurance, statement on accounting, passage of the technical control etc.

For natural persons:

  • Speed. The request for property reception in leasing is considered in short terms.
  • Simplicity. All process consists of a property and application choice.
  • Convenience. The request for reception in leasing is constituted directly in a showroom.
  • Minimum of the documents. The identity card, documents from the work place.