Leasing conditions for businesses:

Initial payment - can be increased upon request

from 20 %

Leasing period - initially selected by the client, then is considered by the Credit Committee of O.C.N. Capital Leasing S.R.L., proceeding from the client's financial situation

from 12 up to 60 months

Interest rate – is charged only on the actual remainder of cost

акщь 7 % annual in currency*

Leasing payments

Monthly, equal amount, till the date of 30 of each month

Initial leasing commission at contract formation – costs connected with studying of the client's request and the monitoring of the execution of the leasing agreement

1,99 % from the total cost of the object of leasing

Auto insurance CASCO complete (includes trip abroad) – is arranged annually and paid through O.C.N. Capital Leasing S.R.L.

4,2 % for new cars**

Obligatory insurance of civil responsibility – is arranged annually. All users of object of leasing should be specified in the insurance agreement

As per the acting tariffs

* The interest rate depends directly of object of the lease, the period of lease and the the initial payment.

** The cost of the insurance CASCO doesn't depend on the leasing company and can change according to the terms and the conditions of the insurance.